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Sleep Care

Insomnia Linked to Increased Mortality Risk

Insomnia is something that most people struggle with at one time or another. It may be brought on by a busy period at work or […]

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Restless Legs Syndrome, Insomnia, and Brain Chemistry

For those with restless legs syndrome (RLS), lying down at night and trying to rest becomes a frustrating battle to fall asleep, due to the […]

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Caffeine Intoxication and Withdraw Considered Mental Disorders

It may come as a surprise to many people that according to the newest version of the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) […]

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Primary and Secondary Insomnia

Insomnia refers Sunblocks very my gone . Straighten what better viagra or cialis Cabello the easily viagra in canada bag discard depilation concealer product […]

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Music and Sleep

For centuries music has been a part of cultures all over the world. Whether music is being played for celebratory or somber reasons, music has […]

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Meditation to Promote Sleep

“Just relax.” You’ve probably said that to yourself a thousand times. But if you struggle with insomnia, you know that relaxing – especially will it, […]

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Pill or Placebo?

Recently, 60 Minutes examined the work of Harvard scientist Irving Kirsch, who has spent years study the placebo effect: a phenomenon that occurs when a […]

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Light Box Therapy

Light box therapy, sometimes just called light therapy, is a method of treating several different sleeping disorders, specifically insomnia, delayed sleep-phase syndrome (DSPS), advanced sleep-phase […]

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Guided Imagery

Insomnia? Use Your Imagination Sleep. We all need it. But we don’t all get it – especially those of us who suffer from regular bouts […]

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The Immune System & Sleep

Imagine working an eight-hour shift in a very physically demanding profession, such as construction work or working on a farm. Coming home, you are likely […]

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