Sleep Care

The Power Nap

The afternoon slump. We’ve all experienced it – that drowsy feeling we feel around 3 p.m. But did you know, it’s perfectly natural to feel a little drowsy in the afternoon, about eight hours after you awaken – even if you get enough sleep at night? Researchers have discovered that for many people, there is a release of melatonin and a drop in their body temperature around mid-afternoon causing sleepiness and sluggishness. It’s not as large as the dip we experience at night, but it is enough to buy generic viagra make us crave a little sleep – or a power nap. Power naps, which typically last about 20 to 30 minutes, have a number of benefits. In fact, a power nap can mean you are more alert and less stressed afterwards. It also impacts mood, reaction time, learning, productivity and health. Moreover, studies have shown that 20 minutes of rest in the afternoon is actually better for you than snoozing for another 20 minutes in the morning. Power naps are especially useful for truck drivers and shift workers. For instance, a study at the Sleep Medicine and Research Center in St. Louis, MO found that taking naps and consuming caffeine improved alertness and performance. Yet, many people in the United States don’t nap. Unfortunately, napping is associated with laziness, lack of ambition and low standards. Many people also falsely believe that it’s just for children, the elderly and the sick. Despite these stigmas, our bodies seem to be designed for power napping. In fact, there are numerous research studies that support the concept of power naps. For instance, a study at NASA on sleepy military pilots and astronauts found that a 40-minute nap improved performance by where does viagra get its name 34 percent and alertness by 100 percent. Meanwhile, research by Alan Hobson, M.D., Robert Stickgold, Ph.D., and colleagues at Harvard University found that sleeping during the middle of the day reverses information overload. They also found a 20 percent overnight improvement in learning a motor skill. And, a team of researchers from the University of California at Berkeley found that a power nap works to recharge the brain and improves memory. In their findings, they compared power napping to clearing out e-mail or rebooting a computer. During buy cialis dubai the day, hippocampus becomes overloaded with cheap viagra online information and can’t seem to take anymore in. But, a power nap seems to allow the information to be moved to another folder making room for more information and learning. But there are some negative effects of power naps. Some people experience what is

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called sleep inertia, especially when their nap lasts longer than 20 minutes. Sleep inertia is that groggy and disoriented feeling that comes from waking up from a deep sleep. Additionally, napping can negatively impact nighttime sleep – especially if the power nap is taken too late in the day or lasts too long. Additionally, if you suffer from insomnia, power napping may amplify this issue. Finally, one study found that napping was associated with increased risk of heart failure in people who are already at risk. If you are going to power nap, it is best to keep your sleep between 15 and 30 minutes. Anything longer allows our bodies to get into the deeper stages of sleep, which can make viagra generic it more difficult to wake up. The grogginess we feel from a long nap has less to do with sleep deficits and more to do with the interruption of a sleep cycle the best designer consignment san diego ca. Additionally, naps should complement our overall sleep – not interfere with it. Used properly, the power nap can not only improve our mood and our overall functioning but also contribute to a healthy sleep regiment.

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