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CPAP Boosts Sex Life

For men suffering from sleep free samples of viagra apnea, the tiredness and fatigue associated with the syndrome can cause significant problems, along with headaches and difficulty concentrating or focusing. However, a couple of other problems that sleep apnea viagra generic uk is linked to may cause greater degrees of embarrassment or frustration: erectile dysfunction (ED) and low sex drive. Fortunately, a new study done by researchers at the Sleep Disorders Center of the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center suggests that using Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) to treat sleep apnea improves not only erectile dysfunction symptoms, but may also improve sex generic canadian viagra drive as well. A relationship between sleep apnea and erectile dysfunction Although the exact relationship between sleep apnea and ED is not understood, study doctors theorized that a connection between the two conditions may be the fragmentation of sleep—particularly REM—which is often characteristic of sleep apnea, especially when it is severe. Healthy men are known to have

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significant and solid erections during periods of REM (dream) sleep throughout the night. When REM sleep is severely fragmented due to sleep apnea, these erections may be prevented from occurring. These problems may translate into a lower sex drive, as well. CPAP improves both erectile dysfunction symptoms and sex drive In their study, the researchers recruited 92 participants with an average age of 46 and an average apnea-hypopnea index (AHI) of 38—meaning that the participants stopped breathing an average of 38 times per hour. Severe sleep apnea is considered to be anything more thirty events per hour. The participants were given a sexual function survey, the results of which indicated 43.5% of the men suffered from some degree of erectile dysfunction. Those with ED were further categorized into one of three groups (mild, moderate or severe) and retested at one, three, and six months into their CPAP therapy. The researchers found that at least one-third of taking viagra everyday the men in each group cialis 20 mg testimonials showed improvement in their erectile dysfunction symptoms, with sex drive generally boosted as well. The greatest degree of improvement was found in the mild ED group, where over half of men reported more normal erectile functioning. While acknowledging that drugs like Viagra work more powerfully to improve ED symptoms, one of the study doctors—Dr. Joseph Dombrowsky—suggested that CPAP may be a way for men with both erectile dysfunction and sleep apnea to treat both conditions effectively and avoid taking pills to treat ED. This might be particularly true for men who are younger or have only mild erectile dysfunction, whose ED symptoms responded the best to CPAP treatment in the study.