Sleep Care

Sleep Improves When Couples Share A Bed

Sleeping with a partner can often present difficult challenges and seem impossible due to preferences in temperature, individual sleep habits, snoring, and even blanket stealing. When faced with these challenges don’t immediately run to the bed in the other room or couch in the living room! Many experts believe couples sleeping with a partner has positive psychological effects and may actually help improve your sleep; here are some of the reasons why and a few quick tips on how to eliminate disturbances…

A major advantage of couples sleeping with their partner is the psychological feeling of safety and security. Having this peace of mind can lower levels of a stress hormone named cortisol and increase the hormone, oxytocin. While cortisol does have positive effects on the body such as regulation of blood pressure and can provide bursts of energy to the body, when the body needs rest it is vital this hormone is decreased to encourage the highest quality sleep. Sharing a bed with your partner can also boost oxytocin, a hormone and neurotransmitter, that is known as the “love-hormone”. This hormone is released by kisses, hugs, or even smiles and also reduces stress and increases relaxation.

With the importance of sleep in regards to mental and physical health many couples weigh the cons more heavily than the pros of sleeping together at night although there are quick fixes many of the common problems. Don’t feel obligated to lie down just because your partner is. Differing bedtimes often are a disturbance and by following proper sleep hygiene recommendations this problem can be eliminated. Simply lay down when it is your bed time. A brief disruption getting into bed after your partner is better than rustling around for hours due to a lack of drowsiness. If a lot of movement is a problem there are many foam mattresses on the market that help absorb movement without disruption. If your partner snores, try to encourage sleeping on his or her

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Essentially the main advantage behind couples sleeping better together is weighed on the physiological benefits. The peace of mind you achieve with your partner in bed with you at night can reduce stress and anxiety by decreasing stress hormones and increasing relaxation hormones. This enables an individual to achieve more quality sleep which promotes an all-around healthier lifestyle.

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