Sleep Care

Sleep More, Eat Less

When dieting is discussed, topics such as making healthy food choices and reducing large portion sizes are often the focal points of the discussion. However, new research suggests that how much a person sleeps can play an important role in the amount of food they eat—meaning that for those looking to lose weight, paying attention to the amount of sleep they get could provide a boost to their efforts.

Sleep More, Eat Less

At an American Heart Association meeting in March, researchers from the Mayo Clinic presented findings from their study involving the sleep deprivation of healthy young adults. Volunteers were split into two groups. The first group was allowed get a normal nights rest for the experimental period of eight days. The second group was only allowed to get two-thirds of the rest they usually would, which meant they were losing about one hour and twenty minutes of sleep per night. Both groups had

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access to the same amounts of food over the trial period, and the amount of calories consumed by each group was then compared to

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baseline calorie amounts that were determined prior to the study.

At the end of the experimental period, researchers found that the sleep deprived group consumed an average of 550 calories more per day than those who were allowed to get a full night’s rest. The implications of this are significant for those trying to lose weight: consuming that many extra calories per day means adding an entire extra pound of weight at the end of a week. These results were also in agreement with other studies that have found sleep deprivation or poor sleep quality related to increased weight gain and feelings of hunger.

Getting More Sleep

Before trying to get an increased amount of sleep, it is important for the quality of a person’s sleep to be good—otherwise, the extra sleep may not be as beneficial as it could be. For those trying to lose weight, getting a sleep study done to rule out any nighttime problems such as sleep apnea or restless legs is often a good idea—particularly if they are significantly overweight. Practicing good sleep hygiene habits, such as avoiding food and alcohol several hours before going to bed, can go a long way towards improving both sleep quality and amount of sleep. Reducing or eliminating foods that are acidic, spicy, or fatty may also improve one’s sleep by decreasing the likelihood for acid reflux to develop while at rest.

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