Sleep Care

A Look at the Top Sleep Apps and Gadgets

Your Phone May Help You Sleep Better When it comes to sleep apps, you’re likely to find everything under the sun. Options include everything from alarm clocks and sound machines to relaxation systems and sleep diaries. There are even a few apps that boast dream interpretation and sleep analysis. But for the purpose of this article, we’re going to focus on a few of the more popular applications. Sleep Bot The Sleep Bot is a free application for Android that tracks, logs and analyzes your sleep patterns. Whether you’re keeping a detailed log for your doctor or just trying to understand your sleeping patterns, this personal metric tool will keep track of all the details. Additionally, the Sleep Bot comes with a simple widget for clocking when you go to bed and when you wake up. You also can make notes and export a detailed sleep history to share with your health care provider. Sleep Cycle Sleep Cycle is an iPhone app that watches you sleep and wakes you when you’re lightly dozing. By using your phone’s accelerometer to monitor your movements during the night, it can document movements, stillness and other attributes of sleep. So when you are restless toward morning, drifting into higher stages of sleep, it will notice this wakefulness and alert you to get up for the day. Plus, over the course of two or three nights, the app gradually learns your sleep patterns. The app’s interface creates a summary page that includes a hypnogram showing the sleep stages as well as your bedtime, wake time and total average sleep time. There are even options to share this information by email or on Facebook. Finally, the Sleep Cycle is accurate in tracking the consistency of a does generic viagra work person’s sleep schedule, which is very similar generic cialis online to keeping a sleep diary for your health care provider. Lark Designed with input from sleep experts, Lark contains a silent alarm that gently wakes you — and only you — with soothing vibrations. In fact, the Lark’s silent alarm is ideal for couples with conflicting schedules as well as for anyone with hearing difficulties. Meanwhile, the Lark wristband uses an actigraphy microsensor to detect your sleeping patterns, which will require no syncing. Instead, the details show up automatically on your phone. Finally, Lark also offers a “personal sleep coach.” After a seven-day sleep assessment, your “personal sleep coach” reveals your sleep type and presents an action plan to improve your sleep. Then, your coach will track your improvement and push you to do better. FitBit Fitbit is an activity tracker that monitors the steps you take, the calories you burn and the distance you have traveled.

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It’s also small enough and light enough to wear all day — or carry in your pocket — without anyone knowing it’s there. Additionally, this will viagra work with alcohol sensitive 3-D motion sensor can be used to track your sleep as well. By slipping the Fitbit Tracker into your sleep wristband before bed, it will keep track of your sleeping patterns. As a result, when your information is uploaded to the website, you’ll see not only how long you slept, but also how well you sleep. For instance, the tracker monitors how many times and how long you wake up during the night. Over time, you can use this information to not only understand your sleeping patterns, but improve your sleeping habits over time. Sleeptracker Elite This sleep management tool is built into a wrist watch and uses a small accelerometer to monitor lateral motion associated with specific sleep phases. According to Sleeptracker developers, the average adult experiences four to five sleep phases in an eight-hour period. Therefore, when you begin using the watch, internal sensors detect subtle physical signals from your body and use

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a vibrating alarm to awaken you at the “almost awake” phase. By doing so, it helps eliminate grogginess and that tired feeling you get in the morning. You also can use the watch’s recording and software capabilities to analyze sleep data over time. In return, Sleeptracker will provide helpful tips and allow you to understand daily lifestyle patterns that may impact your sleep. Zeo Sleep Manager With both a headset and an application, the Zeo Sleep Manager is an elaborate sleep management device. Small sensors detect electrical impulses in your brain along with eye movements and then transmit them wirelessly to your phone. As a result, you will know what kinds of sleep you are getting and how often you awaken during the night — all of which help determine your quality of sleep. Zeo uses this data to assign you a “ZQ Sleep Score.” The goal

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is to motivate you to adjust your habits in order to boost your score. Some people have reported being bothered at night by the headband that comes with the application, but have said over time their sleep quality has improved. Although the equipment is a far cry from what is being used in sleep labs, the device shows potential as an initial screening tool, and with improvements, it could be used for at-home sleep testing. Overall, sleep experts agree that there are still some glitches with sleep apps — even to the point that they may interrupt your sleep. But what has experts excited is the promise these apps cialis 5 mg show for the future of sleep medicine and the health care industry. For instance, there are two trends in health care right now — connected health and wearable technology — which many of these apps are experimenting with. In the future, collecting data will not only become more efficient, but it will be able to be shared with multiple health care providers. But until then, sleep apps still serve a vital role — demonstrating that placing more importance on sleep is vital to a healthy lifestyle.