Sleep Care

Creating the Ideal Bedroom Environment for Sleep

If you find yourself struggling to fall asleep or stay asleep at night, you are surely not alone. In fact, according to EMedicine Health, between 30%-50% of the population suffer from insomnia and another 10% are affected by chronic insomnia. Pretexts for this disorder can range from stress and/or anxiety to disruptive sleep hygiene. While there are a number of over-the –counter medications and prescriptions that can assist in combating this issue, there are also natural and simple ways to battle this unwanted and unhealthy disorder. Namely, creating a soothing and ideal sleep environment may be all that is needed to overcome this life disrupting ailment. Your bedroom should be your sanctuary for sleep and should consist of only the essentials. That is to say, your bedroom should not be an extension of your living room; it should be utilized strictly for sleep. One of the biggest opponents of a good night’s sleep is having a television in the bedroom. T.V. can be detrimental for a number of reasons. Certain shows and/or movies can cause an overstimulation in your head; it can get your mind racing with thoughts and images that make it hard to get to sleep. There may also be a movie or television show that catches your interest and keeps you awake past the time that you had planned on going to sleep. For these reasons, it is best to simply avoid temptation by omitting the television from your bedroom altogether. Another manageable distraction that can interfere with a night of rest is the lighting in your sleeping environment. The ideal sleep setting should be completely dark. This can mean removing or unplugging all electronics from the room; sometimes just turning them off can leave a LED light that can be just as distracting as a full television screen. In addition, light coming through the windows, either from the street lights or from the early morning glow, can certainly disrupt, delay or omit

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a good night of sleep. Making an investment in quality blinds and/or heavy curtains that block the light can be the difference between night and day, literally. Aside from light control and the distraction from the television, noise regulation is imperative concern for easing into a restful slumber. This matter goes hand-in-hand with the presence of a television in your sleep sanctuary, the swift changing of light and noise coming from the set is surely unsettling. There are, however, healthy sounds that can promote a deep sleep; a running fan, pacifying music or nature sounds are some of the most common resonances. At times, these forms of ‘white noise’ can conceal outside distractions, such as loud neighbors, car alarms or any other sound concerns. They can also just be a peaceful umbrella over the environment needed for a healthy kip. Creating a comfortable and controlled temperature in your room is another natural remedy for combating insomnia. It is best to maintain a temperature that will allow a person to sleep with little to no blankets. To clarify, the temperature should allow you to cover yourself with just sheets or light blankets and not a heavy comforter. An ideal bedroom temperature is close to 70 degrees, which will allow a person to sleep with little blanketing. The most ideal environment for sleeping consists of

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a room that is cooler rather than hot, being too hot during sleep can add to the symptoms of insomnia. Producing a sleep environment that is free of technology, concealed in darkness, surrounded by white noise and regulated by a steady and comfortable temperature is the best way to create an optimal and natural sleep atmosphere. Following these healthy habits can mean the difference between a soothing and productive night of sleep or a night filled with tossing and turning.

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