Sleep Care

Second Hand Smoke and OSA in Children

Many are unaware that not only is sleep apnea dangerous in adults but children as well. According to the American Thoracic Society, about 10 percent of children snore (a major indicator of sleep disordered breathing), and about 1 to 3 percent of children have sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a complete or partial obstruction or blockage of the airway while sleeping. More and more research has shown the importance of quality sleep during childhood and adolescence. Poor sleep can hamper the immune system, effect mood and behavior, and even negatively effect appetite and energy levels. Recently there has been a study conducted that shows that there are not only physical obstacles to proper sleep (such as asthma) but also environmental challenges; such as children being exposed to second hand smoke and how it negatively effects their sleep. Boy_and_bearThis study focused on the relationship between children with asthma and who are also exposed to second hand smoke. Conducted in accordance with the Cincinnati Asthma Prevention Study, 232 children, 6 to 12 years old, completed the study. This group of children was exposed to less than or equal to 5 cigarettes per day in their home for a year and had clinically been diagnosed with asthma. The study detailed where the exposure occurred, whether it was in the car, in the same room, while standing outside for example, and then a Children’s Sleep Habits Questionnaire (CSHQ) was used to determine sleep quality. The CSHQ takes 8 factors in effect before determining a total sleep disturbance score. These factors being, bedtime resistance, sleep duration, sleep onset delay, night awakenings, sleep anxiety, sleep disordered breathing, parasomnias, and daytime sleepiness. This detailed survey concluded that of the group 80% had clinically relevant sleep disorders. Interestingly, boys experienced higher sleep

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anxiety with the second hand smoke exposure. A major and uniform complaint in the study group was frequent awakenings throughout the night and may be attributed to some minor nicotine withdraw after consistent exposure. While the degrees of exposure may have varied there is no doubt second hand smoke exposure

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in children, and more specifically children with asthma, negatively affects the quality of sleep. Overall sleep was reported as poor, daytime sleepiness was evident, sleep onset delays appeared, and even overall sleep disturbances were high within the study group. Poor sleep has serious consequences in adolescence. As mentioned above, poor behavior, mental issues, low energy, and even low performance in school has all been linked to poor sleep. It is important to be aware of not only childhood symptoms of sleep disordered breathing but also environmental factors that may put children at higher risk of developing a sleep disorder. If you feel your child may have sleep apnea or any other sleep disorder begin by visiting your health care provider for a history and physical.

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