Sleep Care

Insomnia Linked to Increased Mortality Risk

Insomnia is something that most people struggle with at one time or another. It may be brought on by a busy period at work or with the family’s schedule, stress over a particular situation or relationship, or secondary to another health condition, such as fibromyalgia. While for most it will last only a few nights or a couple weeks, for others it can be an ongoing, draining battle, the effects of which are felt not only the following day, but increasingly over time as well. A new study in the American Heart Association’s Circulation journal looks at the effects of insomnia in US men.

An Increased Risk Between Insomnia and Mortality

YawningIn the study, over 23,000 participants in the Health Professionals Follow-Up study reported on their insomnia symptoms for a period of six years, from 2004-2010. Researchers noted the deaths of 2,025 of the men using a variety of sources, including state vital statistic records, family reports, and the National Death Index. Responses between these groups were analyzed for statistically significant links. The researchers found that two specific symptoms of insomnia, difficulty falling asleep and getting non-refreshing sleep, were associated with a moderately increased risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) related death. These associations were determined after adjusting for other risk factors such as age, lifestyle, and any chronic conditions present. Specifically, men who had difficultly falling asleep had a 55% greater risk for CVD

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related death. Those whose sleep was non-restorative were at a 32% greater risk.

Treating insomnia

For those men struggling with insomnia, there are several remedies that can be tried. If the insomnia is due to stress from a particular situation, such as work or family, that may not be immediately resolved making time for some relaxation techniques such as meditation before bed may be helpful in initiating sleep. If waking up too early is the problem, then it may be appropriate to examine sleep hygiene habits including the bedroom environment being sufficiently dark and staying at an appropriate temperature throughout the night.

In cases where the insomnia is present secondary to other chronic conditions, it may be helpful to talk with a doctor about the side effects of any medications being taken. For example, drugs that are alpha and beta blockers such as those often used to treat high blood pressure or abnormal heart rhythms, can cause insomnia. Sleeping pills to counter-act these side effects should only be used under the direction of a physician to avoid medication interactions.

Finally, insomnia may be due to the presence of sleep apnea, a condition in which a person’s airway collapses while they are asleep or transitioning to sleep. If this is suspected, a physician can order for a sleep test to be done, either at a lab or in some cases at home. Popular treatment options for sleep apnea include Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) or a dental appliance that keeps the jaw pushed forward and the airway open during sleep.

Regardless of the cause, those suffering from insomnia should take action to resolve its symptoms rather than merely resign themselves to night after sleepless night. In the case of men, their lives may depend on it.