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Worldwide Maternal Sleep Patterns

Having trouble sleeping is an issue that will affect almost everyone throughout their lifetime. Whether it is in the United States, Africa, or Asia, sleep disturbances culturally exist and are prevalent. Recently there has been research involving maternal sleep; diving into what is the prevalence of these sleep troubles? Are they common all across the world? Does one’s culture play a role in how severe they are from country to country? FamilyThis research began with 10,085 mothers of children completing an internet based version of the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index. The PSQI is different from most questionnaires because it measures sleep quality and disturbance over a one month period. The PSQI focuses on seven scores in reference to sleep

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quality, sleep latency, sleep duration, habitual sleep efficiency,

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sleep disturbances, use of sleep aides or medications, and daytime dysfunction. The test group was made of the following Asian countries and predominantly

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Caucasian countries: China, India, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and the United States. As a whole a staggering 54.7% of the mothers reported having poor sleep. Overall, mothers from the Asian countries reported sleeping better than those from the predominantly Caucasian countries. The group from the Asian countries reported later bedtimes, but even though they were staying up later they were sleeping throughout the night with fewer episodes of waking up and actually sleeping more as a whole. Poor sleep percentages from country to country varied from the United States reporting 59%, to China only reporting 43%, to Japan reporting an alarming 78%. The latest bedtimes were recorded from Hong Kong at right around midnight, the most total sleep time was found in China at just over 8 hours per night and the shortest sleep percentage comes in at 40% in Singapore. This research lead by Jodi Mindell, PhD, Avi Sadeh, Robert Kwon, and Daniel Goh is truly amazing. Much analysis has gone into sleep quality and the repercussions of or benefits from poor or good sleep but none comparing sleep across multiple countries and cultures. The World Health Organization recently surveyed a very large group in 8 countries and found that overall 16.9% of all adults complained of severe sleep problems. In this large focus group the highest rates came from women. Thus leading to the focus on the maternal group and the high prevalence of sleep disorders and sleep disturbances in regards to mothers’ sleep due to children’s sleep patterns. Hopefully this is only the first study on such a scale to help us better understand cross-cultural patterns in sleep and health, what those differences are, and how the combat them so quality sleep is achieved all over the world.

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