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Sleep Care

What Are Circadian Rhythms?

Most living organisms, including humans, function on an approximate 24-hour biological cycle known as circadian rhythms. These rhythms are influenced by factors from within the body, as well as environmental indicators. Inside of the body, hormones, brain activity and cells are all connected to this natural clock. These circadian rhythms are controlled by nerve cells positioned in the hypothalamus section of the brain called the suprachiasmatic nucleus or SCN. In the environment, light and dark can assist the body in preparing genes to respond these ecological changes, which directly affects the circadian rhythm. The regulation of circadian rhythms is imperative to body operations that include: temperature control, the release of hormones and sleep-wake cycles. When there is a malfunction in a person’s circadian rhythm it can greatly affect sleep patterns. The location of the SCN in hypothalamus, just above the optic nerve, plays a significant role in connecting the eyes to the brain. For instance, detection of light is received by the SCN and the information is transmitted to the brain. Therefore, when it begins to get dark, at night for instance, the brain is given the message. As a result the brain produces melatonin, a hormone that aids sleep onset. There are times when the SCN or body clock becomes out of sink with natural triggers, such as sunlight and sunset, and begins to shift the release and quantity of hormones. As a result, sleep patterns may suffer often leading to circadian rhythm disorder. In the past, circadian rhythms were more easily controlled by the rising and the setting of the sun. However, the growth of technology and the bustling of everyday lives is diminishing the use of the nature’s clock (sunrise and sunset). As a result, circadian rhythm disorders are becoming more frequent. Yet, viagradosage-50mg100mg200mg the advances in research around the subject has provided numerous treatment options and superior methods for getting the body clock back on schedule. There are a number of factors that can contribute to the commencement of online pharmacy cialis circadian rhythm disorders. Some of the most common contributors occur with pregnancy, medications, travel through different time zones, or jetlag, and work that conflicts with the natural time-telling indicators of sunup and sundown, such as third shift. To delve further, there are specific disorders associated with the descriptions just mentioned. More specifically, Shift Work Sleep Disorder happens when individuals work through the night or consistently alternate work schedules. Also, Rapid Time Zone Change Syndrome affects people who have traveled from one time zone to another. Those affected are frequently tired and lethargic throughout the day. There are also disorders known as Delayed Circadian Rhythm Disorder (DCR) where the body clock does not keep up with the natural 24-hour cycle in a day. This means people often stay up later at night and sleep in later in the day. The affects of DCR can be rather damaging to wakefulness and resting habits. Due to the delay in the circadian rhythm, the release of melatonin is tardy and can cause sleep to be setback. Thus, it is often more difficult to wake up and get moving. There is also the disorder known as Circadian Amplitude Disoder (CAD). This is when the body is out of sync with daytime and nighttime hormone production and release. Although CAD may not be extremely disruptive to regular sleep patterns, it will impinge on the value of sleep and attentiveness during the day. CAD affects the amount of hormones that the body obtains during the day. The level of the hormone known as serotonin is low during the day which decreases the energy levels for normal daytime activity. However, sleep and wake patterns are not affected by this disorder, only the quality of wakefulness. Solutions for general and specific disorders vary based upon the type of disorder that is being treated. In general, the goal of the remedy is to align sleep and wake patterns and to establish healthy sleep routines. Two common treatments are bright light cialis and l-arginine therapy and chronotherapy, which can also be combined for an optimal result . Bright light therapy alters the disrupted circadian rhythm so that it is restored to a preferred pattern. Meanwhile, chronotherapy is a procedure that slowly modifies a person’s bedtime until the ideal bedtime is obtained. Treatment for more specific where to viagra online disorders, such online pharmacy cialis as DCR, requires what is known as Bluewave light therapy. This entails having morning light. Most importantly, timing must be adhered to and a transitioning scheduled may be required for the first few days. Dawn Simulation is another form of therapy used for DCR and other circadian disorders. This treatment is involves light being pushed through the retina of the eye, which sends a signal to the body clock. The light gradually becomes brighter to simulate the rising of the sun. This method regulates the body clock, which in turn releases the right amount of hormones for daily activity. The growth of technology and the bustling of everyday lives is diminishing the use of the nature’s clock (sunrise and sunset). As a result, circadian rhythm disorders are becoming more frequent. Yet, the advances in research around the subject has provided numerous treatment options and superior methods for getting the body clock back on schedule. If you are suffering from chronic insomnia or fatigue seek the advice of a sleep specialist.

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