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While it can also occur in adults, bedwetting primarily occurs in children—particularly before the walmart pharmacy phone number ages of six or seven, when bladder control may not be fully developed or attained. Bedwetting refers to involuntary urination while in bed at night. It affects only about 15% of children by age five, and less than 5% by the ages of eight to eleven. Bedwetting is free samples of viagra generally more common in boys, but it can affect girls as well. A 2005 study of over 1500 children examining the relationship between bedwetting and various developmental milestones found that decreased motor skill development was noted in boys who wet the bed, while premature birth, hyperactivity, and inattention was associated with bedwetting in girls. For both sexes, language milestones were slower to be reached for bedwetting children than those who did not. Bedwetting also tends to be inherited—in fact, if a child has a parent who wet the bed, they will probably stop wetting the bed around the same time that the mother or father did. Primary vs. Secondary When evaluating a child’s bedwetting, it is cialis generic 2.5 mg important to determine if it is primary or secondary. Primary bedwetting occurs when a child has never been able to sleep through the night without wetting the bed. Causes for primary bedwetting can include having a naturally small bladder, failing to wake up when the bladder cialis viagra blend is full to go to the bathroom, and hormone imbalances that result in greater than normal amounts of urine being produced while the child is asleep. Failure to use the restroom as needed during the day can also cause problems at night. Secondary bedwetting refers to bedwetting that occurs after a child has established an ability to remain dry during the night for a significant period of time, typically at least six months. Causes for secondary bedwetting can be emotional—such as in response to lots of stress in the home—or medical, as is the case with urinary tract infections, diabetes, or neurological problems that can affect production and control of urine. Sleep apnea and chronic constipation can also lead to secondary bedwetting. Solutions to Making It Through the Night There are several approaches that can be taken to help a bedwetting child make it through the night and remain dry. A good starting place is to limit the intake of daily fluids, particularly in the evenings (unless the child is involved in evening sports practices or activities). One often suggested rule of thumb is to limit the child’s fluid intake after 5 p.m. to 20% of their daily amount. It’s also helpful to avoid foods and beverages with caffeine in them, as caffeine is a stimulant can increase the need to urinate. Developing good bathroom habits prior to bedtime can be beneficial. Encourage children to use restroom immediately prior to lying down to sleep. In some cases, using the restroom twice—once at the beginning of the bedtime routine, and a second time prior to lying down—may be needed. Having a reward system in place for staying dry through the night—such as stickers, favorite healthy snacks, or a special activity time with a parent—can be a useful motivator. Children may also respond well to having discussions about getting up to use the restroom during the night as being the “grown-up” thing to do. If these approaches don’t work, a moisture alarm (also called “bell and pad”) can be tried. These alarms connect to a pad on the child’s clothes or sheets. When the pad starts to become wet, the alarm goes off to wake the child up so he can use the bathroom before wetting the bed. Moisture alarms are often available over-the-counter at most pharmacies or drug stores. Medications provide another option to reduce and eliminate bedwetting. They often focus on one of three areas: 1) boosting levels of the hormone responsible for reducing urine production during the night, 2) calming the child’s bladder (particularly if it’s small and prone to irritation), and 3) adjusting the child’s sleep/wake pattern to better

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