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The Weight Loss Series: Exercise

The biggest reward that one can gain from living an active, healthy lifestyle is the gift of long, healthy life. Obesity has become a dangerous epidemic in the United States and has led to a series of diseases and even death for many Americans. Amongst the ailments caused by obesity is Sleep Apnea, which is often linked with hypertension, high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease. The most effective method for combating Sleep Apnea is weight loss. Along with diet, exercise is a healthy, positive, and life changing habit that can reverse many diseases and improve a person’s overall well being. Several exercise options, programs, and fitness communities can assist in establishing and continuing on a path to wellness.

Traditional Exercise

Traditional exercise can be a simple start to lose weight and enjoy a good night’s sleep. For instance, walking and running, for most, are safe ways to begin a fitness routine. They require no more than a comfortable pair of sneakers and a determination to get in shape. If walking and running don’t sound engaging enough, there are countless aerobic and weight-training programs to fit any interest. Aerobic and cardio workouts, in addition to those mentioned above include swimming, biking, Zumba, step and water aerobics, and really any exercise that increases the heart-rate over an extended period of time. Because of the increased heart rate, aerobic exercise burns calories and, combined with a nutritious diet, is an optimal way to lose weight. A consistent aerobic routine will also increase oxygen consumption while burning fat and cholesterol, control weight, reduce health hazards, lower blood pressure and

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Weight lifting, if done correctly, will burn calories and increase your metabolism. It can also improve your immune system and decrease your chances of developing severe diseases. Types of weight training include squatting, crunches, shrugs, leg curls and presses, arm curls and presses; in fact the list goes on and on. There is a weight training exercise for nearly every muscle in the body. Because conventional weight lifting is generally

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associated with strength and muscle development it may not always result in drastic weight loss. However, decreasing weight, increasing reps and shortening the time between exercises will help to keep the heart rate elevated, therefore burning more calories.

Sports, Clubs and Hobbies

For many, working out in a gym can be intimidating, expensive or even unavailable. If this is the case there are countless sports, hobbies and activities, aside from traditional exercise, that can result in weight loss. Swimming, biking, hiking, and rollerblading are fun ways to get fit and enjoy the outdoors. Yoga and dancing are fantastic examples of exercise that can be done in the home and allow for personal expression and stress relief. Joining a sports league, coaching a little league team, or just dusting off the football or basketball for a few minutes in the backyard with family or friends, can be fun ways to lose weight while enjoying the company and community of others. Even non-athletic hobbies such as fishing, building a car, remodeling your home can have a beneficial impact on your health. Don’t just sit on the couch and watch other people do the things you’re interested in, get out and do them yourself.

Non-Traditional Exercise

If weight loss is your goal, open your mind to the many different options and possibilities you have. People have even found ways to turn everyday housework into a beneficial exercise regime. More specifically, putting dishes away can turn into a squatting routine by merely using your entire body. In addition, vacuuming and washing windows can utilize numerous parts of the body, including calves, thighs, shoulders, arms, back and abdomen. Exaggerated motions and a little creativity can turn housework into a clean home, a daily workout and a full nights rest. Video games have also become a fun way to shed a few pounds. These games include the Wii fit, which offers a personalized fitness routine for any individual. Xbox, PlayStation and even Nintendo DS have games available that can help anyone lose weight. Games such as, The Biggest Loser, presents fitness routines geared toward each individual. There are many creative activities that can be enjoyable and improve health at the same time.

Fitness Communities

Still getting into shape may seem like an overwhelming task, especially when going at it alone. However, there are ways to stay on track while working with others. In particular, is an outstanding web community that tracks your progress, offers fitness and diet plans, allows you to contact dieticians and trainers, and links you to people who are also committed to making a change. Becoming part of community, such as this one, can be encouraging and beneficial motivators, especially during the hardships often associated with working out. Getting involved in fitness clubs can also boost your enthusiasm. Most clubs offer an assortment of classes, such as racquetball, kickboxing, cycling, yoga, and personal training. By setting goals and utilizing all of the options that are out there, it can be easier to get into gear and begin a longer and healthier life.

Calories and Exercise

It is helpful to understand just how many calories are burned by some of the activities mentioned. To begin, just 30 minutes of housework such as vacuuming, doing dishes and washing windows can burn an average of 110 calories. Also, spending nearly 30 minutes skating, roller-blading or cycling can burn about 250 calories. A brisk 30-minute walk can burn approximately 90 calories. An hour of aerobic exercise can expend about 450 calories. Nonetheless, these are merely averages because height, weight and age are all factors that determine the exact number of calories burned. It is important to remember that 1 pound of fat is equal to roughly 3500 calories, which is why the combination of diet and exercise are imperative. For more on calories read the diet feature.


In essence, there are various exercise options and support groups available for anyone that is interested in improving their lifestyle. Getting fit does not have to include spending endless and grueling hours in the gym. All of the activities mentioned above could kick start an enhanced way of life that consists of weight loss and improved sleep. An early day exercise, hobby, or leisure activity is guaranteed to boost your overall health, which can insure an improved quality of sleep at night.