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Eating Disorders & Sleep

Eating disorders are both serious conditions and mental illnesses that cause major disturbances to an individual’s everyday diet. The Mayo Clinic defined eating disorder as, “A group of serious conditions in which you are so preoccupied with food and weight that you can often focus on little else”. There are many different eating disorders that range from starving one’s self because of an inaccurate self-image or even binge eating in which an individual can’t control the intake of food to the body. Eating disorders effect men and woman alike but

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common in women. They occur in all stages of life; although these disorders most commonly manifest in young adults experiencing adolescence. The mental, physical, and psychological toll eating disorders take on a person are devastating and can even be fatal. Eating disorders even have the power to manipulate hormonal and digestive cycles thus interrupting the vital need for rest and quality of sleep. Many individuals who are suffering from eating disorders also suffer from anxiety. Anxiety often causes tension, racing thoughts, accelerated heartbeat, and a lack of an overall calm environment. Those suffering from anxiety have extreme difficulty falling sleep and once asleep, have trouble staying sleep. Eating disorders also throw off the balance of your digestive cycle which disrupts sleep as well. If your digestive system is not operating on a normal cycle and is not continually working, side effects

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include stomach pains, abdominal cramping, and even nausea. Together, these side effects do not add up to a complete and balanced nights rest. Sleep deprivation in return can cause irritability, reduced brain function and depression; this vicious cycle between eating disorders and poor sleep can turn deadly fast. Just as eating disorders are a red flag to other disorders, a sleep disorder might be an indicator of an eating disorder as well. A study from Psychiatry Research was conducted on 400 women who reported various sleep problems from an outpatient mental health facility. These included sleep walking, difficulty falling asleep, difficulty staying asleep, and mid sleep or early morning awakenings. The overall sleep disturbance rate was 50.3% of the researched population. Of that group these disturbances were more severe and occurred more often in the subjects who suffered from severe eating disorders. Patients who suffered from anorexia nervosa and binge-purge disorders had a 70.8% sleep disturbance rate and the most popular difficulties aligned with sleep onset as opposed to middle or late sleep cycles. This information shows that these sleep disruptions could also be markers of eating disorders in individuals as well. Eating disorders are very serious and extremely dangerous. Although more common in women they have the ability to affect both genders at any age. Eating disorders damage one’s mental, physical, and emotional life. Depression, anxiety, and even poor sleep make eating disorders a difficult trap to climb out of. If you or someone you know is suffering from an

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eating disorder seek help immediately. There are numerous resources to reach out to and gain more knowledge to help. Some examples include The National Eating Disorders Association ( and the National Institute of Mental Health (

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