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Home Sleep Testing

Welcome to SleepCare Home Sleep Testing. Thanks to recent advancements in sleep testing technology home sleep testing is recognized as a viable diagnostic tool and is now widely available for the diagnosis of sleep apnea. Many apnea sufferers who could not afford an expensive sleep test now have access to affordable and comfortable diagnosis. Healthcare

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Providers: Please find referral tools at the bottom of this page. SleepCare’s Home Sleep Testing Program offers the following benefits:

    • Cost-effective, up-front pricing as an alternative to traditional sleep testing.
    • We do not work with insurance companies and pass the savings on to you.
    • Ideal for patients with high-deductible plans, HRAs, HSAs, etc.
    • Call toll-free 1-866-320-8989 to schedule or go to the Webstore to purchase HST.

Home sleep testing is remarkably convenient and easy to use. SleepCare will mail all the supplies and instructions necessary right to your door. You will follow just 3 EASY STEPS to activate your sleep test. The video below provides instructions through the home sleep testing process. When you wake and your sleep test is complete you will simply mail the equipment to SleepCare in a pre-posted, self-addressed mailer. You will then be contacted with your results about two weeks after SleepCare receives your equipment.

SleepCare operates on a business-to-consumer model, meaning we do not work through your insurance company. This allows us to offer you a substantial cost savings, and provide up front pricing. However, some insurance providers do cover home sleep testing and we work with our customers to help facilitate their reimbursement. We recommend checking with your insurance company for out of network reimbursement rates before your visit if this is important to you. This video demonstrates the simple steps of SleepCare’s Home Sleep Testing.   Healthcare Providers Below you

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will find links to two pdf HST forms and instructions for referring patients for our HST service. Please follow those instructions and if you have any issues call SleepCare at 1-866-320-8989. 1. If the patient is in the office: have them complete the HST patient form, providers should complete the order form, and fax both to 1-866-291-8990. We will contact the patient and take it from there. Typically, in two weeks you will receive an interpreted sleep study back from us. 2. If the patient is not in the office: complete the order from and fax it with patient demographic information to 1-866-291-8990. We will contact the patient and take it from there. Typically, in two weeks you will receive an interpreted sleep study back from us. HST Order Form   HST Patient Form

Snoring and Sleep Apnea products now available at the WebStore, click here.