Sleep Care

Guided Imagery

Insomnia? Use Your Imagination Sleep. We all need it. But we don’t all get it – especially those of us who suffer from regular bouts of insomnia. For those, sleep probably seems like an elusive luxury. But guided imagery experts indicate with a little imagination, insomniacs might be able to nab a sildenafil citrate 90 mg little sleep after all. Imagery, they say, is a fundamental part of our body’s processes. Everything we do, is processed by our mind through images. For instance, if you recall something from your past, you probably see a picture of it in your mind. You may even remember certain sights, sounds and smells. In other words, imagery is the language cialis online canada our mind uses to communicate with the body. With this in mind, the goal of guided imagery is to use the imagination in order to bring the body to a focused, yet relaxed state. Once you reach this state, sleep will seem a lot more attainable. Guided imagery is based on the idea that the mind and the body are connected. It uses all your senses until your body responds as if what you’re imagining is real. So, by tapping into your imagination, you may be able to lead your mind and body right into a relaxing slumber. Experts indicate that guided imagery works for insomniacs because it may be stress and your thought processes that are keeping you awake in the first place. They estimate that the average person has 10,000 thoughts or images passing through his or her mind each day. And, at least half of those thoughts are negative. So if you tend to dwell on negative things or stress out about work, you will see a direct impact not only on how you feel, but also on how you sleep at night. But guided imagery is not just for insomniacs. Advocates of guided imagery maintain that it’s also is a potent healer that is often overlooked.

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It can be used to promote relaxation, lower blood pressure and reduce stress. It’s also used to help achieve goals, manage pain and promote healing. Numerous studies have been conducted about the effectiveness of imagery. For instance, research indicates that imagery can lower blood pressure and slow heart rate. It also can be used to treat headaches, chronic neck and back pain, spastic colon and cramps from premenstrual syndrome. And finally, it can be used to treat illnesses and prepare patients for difficult procedures. For instance, researchers at The Ohio State University found that people with cancer who used imagery while receiving chemotherapy felt more relaxed and better prepared for the procedure than those who didn’t used imagery. In another smaller study conducted by Pennsylvania State University and Case Western Reserve, people who suffered from recurrent generic viagra canker sores in their mouths reduced the frequency through imagery. The participants began visualizing that the sores were bathed in a soothing coating of white blood cells. Overall, guided imagery is an extremely relaxing and soothing tool. It’s also a creative and totally natural way to eliminate the stress triggers in life – the very ones that are keeping you awake at night. Imagery works best when it is used in conjunction with a relaxation technique. Meditation and regulated breathing are both relaxation techniques that work well with imagery. When your viagra cialis ou body is relaxed, it is easier for your mind to experience the imagery. To try it at home, imagine a calm scene like a stroll on the beach or a hike through the mountains – anything that is calming to you or has significance. The key is to imagine something safe and comforting. It may take a few nights of practice before you see the effects. But ultimately with a little persistence – and a little imagination – you will be headed to dreamland before you know it.

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