Sleep Care

New “Sleep On It” Mobile App Tracks Sleep Habits

GE and MedHelp have partnered to create a mobile application that tracks sleep patterns, aimed at identifying sleep trends and improving sleep quality.

The app comes equipped with a customizable alarm and snooze function. The alarm is integrated with “Going to Bed” and “I’m Awake” buttons that initiates the tracking feature. This feature allows users to track nightly sleep patterns to determine what factors may affect their sleep and how much sleep they need each night to feel rested and energized. After waking users can select their mood on a gradient scale that aids the tracker in identifying trends in the users sleep. A calendar view displays overall sleep trends, and easy-to-read charts detail sleep cycles and hours slept in the last seven, 30 and 90 days. Additionally, it allows people to record medications, health symptoms and naps to learn what triggers poor sleep cycles.

“Good quality and sufficient sleep is vital to our health and well-being,” said MedHelp CEO John de Souza. “Lack of sleep has been linked to serious health conditions ranging from diabetes to obesity, yet millions of Americans are not getting enough sleep. Sleep On It was designed to help consumers understand how much they are actually sleeping and how much they need to get to feel their best.”

This app is currently free and can be found at