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A Vicious Cycle Many people are unaware of the adverse effects poor and inadequate sleep has on their overall mood. Often when an individual has trouble sleeping kentucky board of pharmacy or does not get enough rest they will become very irritable, stressed and in many cases even depressed. Not only can sleep effect mood, but mood can also affect sleep, which can prove to become a vicious cycle. Sleep is one of your body’s most important processes, allowing your brain to rest, recharge, and archive information. Without

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this restorative rest at night your mental state is immediately at higher risk of being more irritable, testy, and unable to focus clearly. Even partial sleep deprivation has a significant effect on your mood and can lead to higher stress levels at work and at home. By being sleep deprived you sacrifice the ability to focus, learn, absorb information and even can lose your buying viagra in usa appetite; only causing more physical stress on your day-to-day activities. These day-to-day stressors, in many people, contribute to psychological issues as well; one generic cialis 2.5 mg major risk being depression. Difficulties falling asleep, staying asleep, and frequently waking up throughout the night all contribute to depression and depression can be one of the causes of these actions. People who suffer from depression are at higher risk of developing anxiety and mood disorder as well. The ability for deprived sleep to be not only a risk factor for, but also a symptom of depression is very alarming. Serotonin is a chemical in the brain responsible for regulating many functions such as our immune system, digestive system, and even brain functions such as appetite and mood. Serotonin also plays a cialis online pharmacy vital role in our sleep cycle. When an individual is awake and alert, serotonin levels are at their highest point. While sleeping serotonin levels are low and almost non-existent while experiencing REM sleep, the body’s most restful stage of sleep. Serotonin is closely related to light and its production is accelerated by it. Equally important to quality sleep is the release of melatonin, which is triggered by darkness and the body’s circadian rhythm. Melatonin is created by the brain’s pineal gland; this gland is controlled by serotonin. While sleeping, melatonin levels spike in the brain and enable you to sleep soundly through the night. It is this delicate balance between these generico del viagra peru two chemicals that not only control the sleep cycle, but also major bodily functions such as mood. Sleep is an important regulator of the body’s chemicals, hormones and processes; including serotonin and melatonin. During periods of sleep deprivation these chemicals can become unbalanced and insufficient to maintain healthy levels, leading to decreased energy, ambition and online pharmacy cialis mood. Oftentimes individuals will find themselves in a situation where poor mood is negatively impacting their sleep. This can become a dangerous cycle as the irritability and depression that is result from a lack of sleep can also lead to an increase in arousals and decrease in relaxation at night making it more difficult to achieve the rest one needs. It can be unclear whether its sleep deprivation or poor mood that is at the root of the issues. Proper sleep hygiene and sleep habits are ones best defense to combat both poor mood and sleep deprivation. Often consultation

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with a physician is required as well, and in these cases do not hesitate to meet and talk about possibly ways to help fight what could be a negative relationship between the two.

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